Travel Club / Field Trips

Luray-CavernsFor some of our folks, Adventure is their middle name, so that is what we want to give them.  Near or far, by bus or by car, there is no stopping our travelers.  Our Day Services and Vocational Program participants go on amazing day trips that they help select.  Recent trips have included the Alpaca farm, the Kent and Queen Anne’s County Fairs, the Dover Mall, Crumpton, and all the local parks. 

For our more adventurous, our Travel Club goes all out.  This year’s trip to Luray Caverns created many wonderful memories, strengthened friendships, and brought everyone home with a smile. For every trip, Kent Center provides the transportation and staffing necessary to ensure a safe and fantastic journey. 

To fund the trips, Kent Center family members create their own fundraisers, such as bake sales and the sale of jewelry that they make.

To learn more about our Travel Club and Field Trips, or  to find out about how you can support this group, contact Arthur Lee: .

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