Washington College Best Buddies


Washington College Best Buddies – This amazing group of college students create opportunities for our folks to come together for fun, excitement and friendships. Through this program, one-to-one partner/friendship teams get to learn how to appreciate the amazing things that every person contributes to this world. Some teams share a love of sports and will go to a local game. Others love music, so Washington College concerts are the places for them. Even more are self-proclaimed foodies, so going out to lunch, dinner, and yes, brunch, is how they spend their time together. 

In addition to the individual outings, Best Buddies organizes monthly activities that include movies, talent shows, sports nights, and barbecues.  To find out more about Washington College’s Best Buddies Program, visit them on facebook at  Visit our Events Calendar to learn about our upcoming Best Buddies Events.

For more information on Kent Center's Best Buddies activities, contact Karl Perkins at: .

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