Our Vocational Program

kent-center-vocationalThrough our Vocational Program, each member of our Kent Center family is engaged in paid employment as outlined in their unique plans and based on their abilities and interests.  Utilizing work task assessments, job and skills trainings and in-house work opportunities, each person is matched with paid work that fits their abilities, goals and objectives.  This work provides our family members with opportunities to build their skills, self-sufficiency and confidence in a job well done.

Participants are engaged in paid contract work within our Kent Center Enterprises or in the community with on-going staff support.  Kent Center’s retail thrift store, Hidden Treasures, provides clients interested in working in a controlled environment within Chestertown a sheltered workshop where they can work with group or one-to-one job coaching so they may complete their jobs and experience the pride and satisfaction that come with a job well done.

For Kent Center clients capable of and interested in working, there are several on-site employment training opportunities, including assembly, packaging, paper shredding and bulk mail services. Through this program, companies such as Dixon Valve & Coupling, the United Way of Kent County, and others contract with our Kent Center Enterprises.

For more information about our Vocational Program or how Kent Center Enterprises can help you meet your business goals, please contact Teresa Davis at .