Kent Center Phone:  410-778-7303
Kent Center Fax:  410-778-7305



Staff Directory

Karine  Ireland Executive Director ext 18
Tommy McKenzie Director of Programs ext 19
Courtney Williams Director of Administration ext 37 
Shanell Wilson Lead Program Coordinator ext 13
Kristen Majchrzak Human Resources Manager ext 39
Melissa Owen Administrative Coordinator ext. 11
Teresa Davis Residential Manager ext. 34
Iris Campbell-Workeman Day Program Supervisor 443-666-3052 TTY Line
Alex Oberlin Supported Employment Supervisor ext. 29
Marilyn Wright Training Coordinator ext. 27
Vonda Johnson Day Program Assistant  ext. 24
Arthur Lee Activities Coordinator ext. 25
Jacky Castro Administrative Assistant  ext. 10
Joanna Bannister Nurse ext. 22
Michelle Thompson  Nurse ext. 26
Amanda Morris Nurse  
Tania Ford LPN ext. 21
Camren Thompson  Health Care Assistant ext. 28
 Erica Wicks Health Care Assistant ext. 23
 Lindsey Buckless Job Coach  ext. 30
 Janae Sweet Job Coach  
Paula Thessen Job Coach  


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