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soapwithhopelogoSoap With Hope!

(And a Heart!)

In 2015, through a partnership with Washington College's ENACTUS Program, Soap with Hope was launched.This adaptive business model employees Kent Center family members to make, package, market and sell the soap. But this business is about more than providing jobs. The experience gives our family members not only the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as hand/eye coordination, effective communication, multi-step directional processing, budgeting and more. Not only do our team members earn a paycheck (minimum wage not piece-meal), but they gain the sense of pride and accomplishment for successfully completing their tasks. The work enables them to focus on the skills they need to achieve their long term goals and dreams. 

Each bar of soap costs $5. All the Kent Center profits are reinvested into the business to employee more Kent Center family members.

To find out more, or to purchase this 'Hearty' soap:

contact San Scott at 410-778-7303 ext. 20.

Bulk sales and special events orders are welcome.