K-B Market & Kitchen School                                                                 Clovelly Vineyards
                                                            Langenfelder Farm                                                                                  Eve's Cheese
                                                            Red Acres Hydroponics                                                                          Carl's Bakehouse
                                                            Happy Chicken Bakery                                                                            Washington College
                                                            Crow Vineyard & Winery                                                                          RiverArts
                                                            Unity Church Hill Nursery                                                                        King Mushrooms
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We're Ready To Flock!

After a beautiful vacation in Daytona Beach, we have returned to our beautiful Chestertown home for a quick visit with our Kent Center family. As we make our rounds about town, we'd love to pay you and your friends a visit. We've become quite famous after our Flamingo Frenzy show, so our agent requires us to charge a small fee to cover our costs. For $25 six of us will come and visit you or your friends for 24 hours. After which, we will fly away to our next gig. To book our show, please call Jacki at 410-778-7303 to schedule our visit.