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Community Living Options & Support

Kent Center offers an array of supported living options and staffing alternatives to enable adults with developmental disabilities to live in homes, apartments and neighborhoods of their choice. These houses provide individuals the ability to live independently from their families in a comfortable home and community setting.

We support people in their homes, apartments, and communities of their choice. To promote independence, Kent Center offers safe, affordable and accessible housing with the supports people need. Options are available ranging from one to four adults living in a home, each with their own private bedroom. Well-trained and professional staff partner with family members, guardians and other providers to fulfill the dreams and goals of each person.

Kent Center staff are scheduled as needed by the adults living in the home, but do not live on-site. This allows an added level of support in their personal care, meal planning, shopping, cooking, getting to appointments and activities, and thriving in the community.

Using person-centered principles, Kent Center works with each individual to achieve his or her fullest potential by:

  • Encouraging community membership through personal interests and beliefs.
  • Supporting continued development of skills and abilities.
  • Respecting and celebrating the person’s culture, talents, and contributions.
  • Employment is a lynchpin in an adults success and must be available for everyone.
  • Promote self-direction, choice and control, including where and with whom to live.
  • Helping to foster natural supports as well as develop new support systems.

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Rights and expectations of adults in residential homes

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