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June 20, 2020, Meaningful Day Returning to Scheeler Road

Abbreviated services are available in our Center on Scheeler Road for persons supported who live at home in the community.   As restrictions for group size are relaxed in Maryland, we look forward to offering more services and including the people receiving support in Community Living Services at Kent Center houses very shortly.  Activity choices will focus on skill acquisition and development related to personal goals in the areas of independent living, career exploration, and health and wellness targets.  Tours of our facility are available daily. 

Changes to expect from the Meaningful Day Program in the future:
• People supported by our programming will begin entering on the West side of our building, past Happy Chicken, directly into the Meaningful Day Room.
• Our day will no longer start with a Morning Meeting, each person will have the choice to plan and schedule their day/week.
• Everyone, whether staff or person supported by Kent Center, will move around through open spaces in the building and community each day. No one will have a designated “spot” in the building.
• To limit exposure, no visitors will be allowed in our building. If it is required that someone must enter the building, they will not be allowed past the Reception area.
• Anyone entering our building will have their temperature taken and staff will continue to wear PPE while supporting people in our program. 
• People supported by our programming are encouraged to wear a mask when reasonable and prudent.
Digital Day Services will continue via GoToMeeting, with two sessions offered daily for those that prefer to participate virtually.   Digital Services are available to anyone receiving support from the Kent Center.  Please contact a Coordinator for Person-Centered Planning to learn more about available supports and programs.  


April 15, 2020, Safety Updates 

Good Afternoon Kent Center Team, 
As we come to the end of another week of quarantine, I want to touch base on a few things.  First, let me just say how much I appreciate you all.  It is your work and heart for the people we support that is making a difference in their lives every day.  I also want to highlight the fact that I have seen some amazing work happening over the last two weeks.  You have made this time meaningful and valuable for the people we support and that is our mission.   
As far as safety goes, I need so send a few reminders: 
1. NO ONE is to be in the Kent Center building without permission from me.  (this is not negotiable or flexible). 
2. There are no visitors in the homes. 
3. The only reason the people we support are out of the homes with staff is for work, to go for a walk or a ride, or to get some drive through food.  They should not be out grocery shopping and alike- Their safety and yours is our top priority. 
4. What you do outside of work affects you, your family and the people you support, so please be mindful and make sure that you are making wise decisions.
5. As we see some personal protective equipment come in it is important that we use it whenever necessary and that we save other items for the future.  If you need things in the home, from food to gloves or anything in between, please reach out to Vonda or Teresa. They are continuing to support you in getting what you need.   
6. Please continue to follow good Infection Control guidelines by washing your hands and not touching your face. I know this seems like common sense but please make sure it is the regular practice.
7. If you have not received a cloth mask yet, please reach out to Mr. Larry.  
Please know that you are valuable to us and that what happens in the homes and to you and your families is our priority.  If you need anything, please reach out to your supervisor.  Mr. Larry and Ms. Melissa are also always a support for you all.  
Be safe, 
Wes Campbell Executive Director 


March 24, 2020 COVID FAQ

 Let’s talk about rumors and our friend Coronavirus (COVID-19).  I wanted to personally address concerns and misinformation that have been shared with me.  Our goal is to continue to provide information and updates as programming changes, without overwhelming our staff or adding to the feeling of anxiety during this uncertain time. 

 No one is going to be allowed to leave their house ever…

We can leave the house, while observing infection control precautions and ensuring the safety of the people we support and our staff.  Going to open air places and getting some exercise is a good thing and will help us all stay healthy.  Consider taking a walk, sitting on the front porch, going for a drive.  In this time, it is important to enjoy the quiet things like to do while limiting interaction with the public.  

If someone we support leaves the house, you can’t come back for 2 weeks…

Where you work is the home of the people we support.  It is where they live.  They can always come home.  Even if it means we need to go through a quarantine process when they return. 

We will be closed for the next 6 months…

We do not know how long we will all be working remotely, but there is no indication that this current way of working should continue for 6 months.  While our building may be closed, the people we support still deserve the same services daily.  We will all work though this together and come out on the other side stronger than we went in.

Because less overtime is available, they don’t care about us as employees…

Because we care about you all we are trying to make sure everyone gets full-time or part-time hours based on their employment status, and the Kent Center stays solvent.  We are doing the best we can to reduce overtime so that we can all do the best work we can possibly do, and everyone will get what they need. 

 I’m gonna lose my job…

We are working very hard to make sure that Kent Center stays solvent and we all have work during this crisis and once it is all over. Resources are being shifted to the most urgent and current needs to ensure that we have supplies, funds and a healthy staff for as long as restrictions are in place. 

We are all gonna die…

This virus is serious but with appropriate precautions we will be fine.  We will continue the amazing work we do and make a difference in people’s lives and in Kent County. 

 The Coronavirus is nothing to worry about…

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a big deal, which is why we are taking all these precautions.  With appropriate measures we will all get through this.

 I’m going to be stuck in the house forever…

You will not be stuck in the house forever.  We will do the best we can to help make sure that every employee can continue some sense of home/life balance.  As more information comes out from the government, we are doing the best we can to protect you all.

 We’re running out of things to do...

Let’s start getting creative!  More activities, resources and tools will continue to be delivered to the houses weekly.  Our Leadership Team has been brainstorming new ways to connect- including Zoom morning exercises and FaceTime lunches.  If an activity or pastime is working really well in your house- please share it.  Visit our Facebook page for links to online resources for learning, play and creativity.  This is a new endeavor for everyone, please let us know what you need to be successful while providing meaningful days at home.

No one cares about us now that we’re stuck at home….

Every member of our team is working very hard, even behind the scenes.  Visitors were reduced to each house to limit the potential spread of the virus, and therefore many coworkers you typically see have been asked to stay away.  All administrative staff is working remotely and can be reached via email or their cellphones during regular business hours.

Wes really isn’t thinking through this decision to close programs…

We are working as a team to make sure that all decisions are made in the best interest of the people we support as well as the staff as a whole.  Every decision is made purposefully and after considering all sides of the conversation.  Concerns and questions about decision making are best directed to your supervisor or Larry Wilson.


March 13, 2020

To Our Partners, Parents and Participants,

As our communities continue to feel the increased impact of COVID-19, we feel it important to share with you what we are doing to help keep people safe and healthy and continue to keep the lines of communication open. We must work collaboratively and do our part to ensure we minimize the effects of this virus on our community.

As a response to the COVID-19 epidemic and in accordance with the recommendations by the Maryland Department of Health and the Developmental Disabilities Administration, Kent Center will be limiting services over the next two weeks, starting on Monday, March 16. These steps were taken to protect those at risk for severe illness and to preserve the quality of life of the people we support. Kent Center will be providing Day Services throughout the day, in smaller groups, to individuals to continue to offer programming.

Kent Center is taking the following precautions to be proactive and deter the spread of COVID-19:

  • Persons supported in our Residential program will not be transported to our administrative facility daily but will receive services in one of our homes to have a meaningful day.
  • Anyone participating in our Day Program Services that lives in the community will be provided transportation to the Center, and programming will be available in small groups for a meaningful day both inside our facility and in the community.
  • Adults receiving Supported Employment Services, and are currently employed, will continue to be transported to and from their place of employment but will be picked up and dropped off from their homes, based on their individual work schedules.
  • Personal Support Services and Residential Services occurring outside of Day Program Hours, or outside of the facility will not be impacted.
  • Administrative hours will remain the same, and staff will continue to be available in the Chestertown office to answer questions.
  • No visitors will be permitted to enter our Administration building or any of our Residential homes.
  • Loved ones who would like to visit with someone we support are encouraged to do so by picking them up at the front door of their residence and enjoying time together in the community.
  • All meetings will be held electronically.
  • The Financial Trust presentation scheduled for March 19 will be rescheduled.
  • The organization will be monitoring the temperature of supported individuals, as well as the general well-being of each person.
  • In accordance with recommended precautions we are closely monitoring the evolving situation, requiring handwashing, sterilizing homes daily, and will be sterilizing the administrative building.

As always, our first priority is the health and well-being of everyone involved in Kent Center’s daily activities. As the situation changes, we want to thank you for your patience as we navigate this challenging obstacle and determine how best to continue serving our communities. Please call the administrative building with any questions or need for clarification.

Wishing you all safety and good health,

Wes Campbell

Executive Director



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